Grand Care

Grand Care Triptych: Good facilities and logistics equipment, Specialised workforce, Community psychology's principles

In a private building with 80 beds capacity, we created an Elderly Care Unit model.

Always oriented to the specific needs of the elderly, with knowledge and love, we provide high quality services to ensure the well-being of our cared and the respect for their personality in a warm and familiar environment.

The unit ougth to protect the health and quality of life of the cared, respecting the personality and rights of the elderly aw well as commiting to human values in a responsible and scientific manner.


A pleasant environment properly set for social gatherings.

Helping our cared socialize is the cornerstone to make them feel like home.


The area is guarded by security personnel 24 hours a day, within the unit.

Surveillance cameras in every space for to guarantee the maximum security of the cared.

We are taking over severe incidents, always under medical supervision unit.

Our workforce

Our properly trained workforce is consisted of graduated professionals from every required department.

Our high quality workforce is playing very important role in achieving the highest level of services. To make this happen, a specific study that investigated and secured high quality for new partners, has been done, for the most effective performance of theirs strategic objectives.


Testimonials from those who trusted us.

  • Ioanna, Zografou

    Ioanna, Zografou

    The exterior and interior of Grand Care, testify that behind the unit there is someone who really cares for the elderly. For those who gave birth to each one of us and generously offered us everything to let us become what we are today. Now is our turn to repay them, we couldn't settle for anything less than the best! Congratulations!

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  • Petros, Athens

    Petros, Athens

    Cleanliness and impeccable staff combined with the excellent food, are some of the reasons that makes me sure that I made the right choice for my father.

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  • Marios, Nea Ionia

    Marios, Nea Ionia

    By entering Grand Care's living room, you wonder if you are in an Elderly Care Unit or in an expensive hotel.

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  • Katerina, Sounio

    Katerina, Sounio

    My mother stays in Grand Care the last two years. We are both excited!

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  • Dimitris, Athens

    Dimitris, Athens

    Grand Care is an amazing rehabilitation center! It was recommended to me by a friend and I brought my mother. The physiotherapist works wonders!

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For information & Appointments: 2117106900, Chanion 27 Agios Dimitrios (Mprahami)173 42 - Visiting hours; 09:00-21:00
(visitors must respect the siesta hours, and mealtimes)

Our Unit operates under the supervision of the Southern District of Athens, under the Operations License Number-Protocol Number 3786

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